‘Ex-psoriasis patient’


It’s been almost 3 years since I first learned about Kartalin. Apart from two little spots on my right leg, and a small spot on my left knee, I’ve had a carefree winter, psoriasis-wise. I recently caught myself no longer feeling like a ‘psoriasis patient’ anymore. It’s kind of strange, considering for roughly 24 years it prevented me from enjoying swimming in the pool or a day out in the sun with the kids. In fact, it hindered me quite a lot. Read more…

Now we’re receiving reactions from people who are experiencing the same thing. Some customers are even coming to our house to show us how much their skin has improved. My husband jumped into this adventure with a lot of enthusiasm, and there’s a lot to learn as we progress. We’re trying to improve the website to make it more user friendly, with help from our son, but we are facing quite a lot of restrictions.

He chose words such as healing and treatment, but it appears that you can only use such words with official medicine. Trying to alter the words to something legitimate, we discovered that you can’t use phrases like “helps with…” either. Well… it’s not like you can write “This cream doesn’t help at all.”

Of course we’d like to let everyone know how effective Kartalin is when you have psoriasis, but there are limitations to the words we’re allowed to use, unfortunately.

Maybe I should just say that it helps, and recommend that you read the reviews of other Kartalin users to see that there is actually a way to reduce your psoriasis symptoms.

Enjoy your summer.

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