Our first experience with Kartalin


Out of the six people in our family, two have been diagnosed with Psoriasis. My wife has had it for over 24 years, and our youngest son recently found out as well.

In addition to the hormonal creams from the dermatologist (or light therapy with a severe outbreak), I think every psoriasis patient and his or her family is looking for that one treatment or ointment that truly works. Despite immediately learning that Psoriasis in incurable, you start a quest to find anything that seems to help reduce the visible and physical symptoms, or anything that comes close. Often it’s a matter of spending years trying out everything everyone suggests to you as a possible remedy. Read more…

This is exactly what we did, for 24 years. Sometimes very actively so, but there have also been times of resignation. Until summertime arrived, the beach and swimming pool beckoned, and everyone was in skin-revealing cloths enjoying the sunny weather.

Eventually she did start using Kartalin, and very soon there was a clear improvement. She was very enthusiastic as we had never in 24 years seen such results with an ‘’alternative’’ medicine. Her skin now pretty much looks like a normal, healthy skin. That has never happened with any other medicine she has ever tried!

At the next visit to the dermatologist, he barely took the time to look into it. We were surprised, as you would expect these people to have “helping people with psoriasis to the best of their abilities” as a primary goal.

It appeared Kartalin was not for sale in the Netherlands. Because this isn’t just any ointment that claims a lot, but does little, we decided to import it ourselves. Tracking the manufacturer was rather easy, and to cut a long story short, all this resulted into this unique product being for sale in the Netherlands.

I sincerely hope you haven’t lost all hope yet (reading this says enough though), and that you are willing to try Kartalin for yourself. I hope you are just as thrilled and pleased with the results as we are.

Fred Oudshoorn

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